Stained Concrete More and more homeowners are turning to stained concrete as a way to get strong, durable and beautiful concrete. The days of gray concrete are gone. With modern technology, concrete can be a variety of colors and can have textures similar to that of polished marble, tanned leather, and natural stones. With 20 years of experience in the industry, JDM Contracting LLC can transform your interior or exterior concrete into a beautiful, decorative surface.

Stained Concrete: How it Works

There are several options for staining concrete. Acid stains, water-based stains, dyes, and tinted sealers are just a few. Acid-based stains tend to leave earthy tones such as browns and shades of terra cotta. Acid-based stains tend to be a little unpredictable as they are reactive in nature. Water-based stains give a broader range of colors and tend to be not as variegated as acid stains. Dyes are used on interior surfaces only as they are not very UV stable. They produce a look very similar to acid stain, but much more predictable. The use of tinted sealers is another option. They are custom colors that are mixed on site and the color possibilities are endless. This is a great option of existing colored concrete that just needs to be enhanced. The stains can be semi-translucent – opaque in nature, depending on the desired effect.

Stained concrete is suitable for indoor and outdoor surfaces. If you are interested in beautifying your concrete surfaces, please give JDM Contracting LLC a call at (828) 764-1608 or contact us by email to get more information. We specialize in decorative concrete including trowel down texture, self-leveling toppings, micro topping, and epoxy coatings. You can count on JDM Contracting LLC for all your concrete projects.