kitchen renovation

Many people consider the kitchen the major hub or gathering place for friends and family. Regardless of your life situation, there’s one thing that everyone agrees on and that’s how food brings friends and family together. JDM Contracting LLC is pleased to offer kitchen renovation and redesign services where you can create a space that is functional and beautiful.

Kitchen renovations can be simple with easy changes like upgrading faucets and handles. These small additions are affordable and can add new color and style to your beloved kitchen. Or, you can have your cabinets and drawers refinished or replaced. No-slam hinges, slide-out drawers, and lazy Susan corner cabinets are a few things you can add to make your kitchen sweeter. For those who want a totally new look, we offer complete kitchen redesign services where you can create a kitchen that suits your every need. Whether it is a kitchen island or a double oven, we can make your dream kitchen become a reality.

Kitchen Renovation Experts

Before starting a kitchen renovation project, it is important to think about what your kitchen will be used for. Is it a place to cook, or a place to gather? Will you have one cook in the kitchen or a team of helpers? What major features do you want in your kitchen and does your existing space allow for those? What is your budget and time frame? At JDM Contracting LLC, we can help you design your new kitchen so you can have all the amenities you want. As kitchen remodeling experts, we can offer advice and ideas so your new kitchen is efficiently organized to achieve flow and functionality. Please call (828) 764-1608 to get started on your kitchen renovation project. Or, you can send us an email to discuss your kitchen renovation plans.