Epoxy Flooring

More and more homeowners are turning to epoxy flooring for their flooring needs. Epoxy is a floor surface coating which can be applied to concrete making it resistant to stains, oils, grease, and moisture. Epoxy is made of resins and hardeners which cross-link with one another to form a strong protective bond that resists degradation.  The epoxy adheres to the surface of the concrete giving it strength and durability.  Epoxy flooring is perfect for homes and for businesses.  it is so strong that it is often used in commercial garages and other industrial areas which have high traffic and heavy usage.

In addition to durability and strength, you can also add components into the epoxy to give the flooring unique features. The addition of solid color pigment, metallic pigment, paint chips or quartz aggregates will give your epoxy flooring color and texture. With epoxy flooring, you no longer need to suffer drab, gray concrete floors.  Epoxy flooring can really transform a room because it adds shine, color, and texture. A concrete floor is no longer “just a floor”, rather it becomes an element of design; a space to express yourself and your unique style.  Don’t settle with a basic concrete floor when you can have a decorative concrete floor.

Epoxy Flooring Experts

With 20 years of experience in the construction industry, JDM Contracting LLC can help you with your epoxy flooring projects. We can assist you in choosing colors and options to make the space your own. Whether you are upgrading a commercial or residential space, we can help bring beauty to your floors.  We also provide a wide variety of concrete enhancements including scoring, staining, stamping, overlays, trowel down texturing, micro-topping, and self-leveling toppings.  Please call us at (828) 764-1608 or send us an email for a consultation or to make an appointment.