At JDM Contracting LLC, we believe that decorative concrete is the most cost effective way to enhance your existing concrete. Inside or outside we have a solution for your concrete needs. Scored and stained, stamped overlay, trowel down texture, micro topping, self-leveling toppings, and epoxy coatings are all options to bring boring gray concrete to life.

Decorative Concrete Photos

Stamped Overlay, Stained Concrete 2
Interior Micro Finish, Stained Concrete 2
San Diego Decorative Concrete
Interior stain  (1)
Re-seal with Pigmented Sealer After
Re-seal with Pigmented Sealer After 2
Interior Stained Concrete 5
Interior Stained Concrete 4

Scored and Stained

Scored and stained concrete is a process where we take new or existing concrete and score a pattern in the concrete and then stain the concrete to get a custom look. Scored patterns can be in any style including tiles, bands around the slab and custom designs. The concrete is then stained and sealed for protection. Scored and stained concrete is a great option for someone who does not want to spend the money for stamped overlay but wants to enhance their concrete. This is also a great system to tie existing concrete together with new concrete to achieve a more uniform look.

Trowel Down Texture

Trowel down texture is a process in which we create a slate-like stone texture over existing concrete. We trowel down a couple thin layers over your existing slab that fills in many imperfections and allows us to put a new textured finish on your concrete. We then stain and seal the new surface. Trowel down texture is a low-cost alternative to beautify your existing concrete without removing and replacing it.


Micro-topping is for indoor applications. It is a process of putting a very thin, very smooth surface on an existing slab. Many times someone wants to have scored and stained concrete floors in their home but their concrete has chips or residual marks that cannot be removed. This process fixes those problems and allows a homeowner to have a beautiful, low maintenance concrete floor.

Epoxy Flooring

Epoxy coatings can be done in various ways. Solid color, quartz, flake or metallic finishes are all available. Depending on the use of the floor and desired aesthetics, we can offer an appropriate system for your decorative concrete projects.