Concrete PolishingConcrete polishing is a great option for finishing either commercial or residential concrete floors. It is both beautiful and easy to maintain.

The process includes a series of steps to grind the concrete with finer and finer diamonds to create a honed surface. The amount of reflectivity can be chosen based on how high we take the polishing steps. Most people opt for a finish around an 800 grit, but some will take it to 1,500 or more for very high shine.

The concrete can be left with no color or it can be dyed during the polishing process. The dye results in a translucent color that will allow the beauty of the concrete to show through. Bands, diamonds, or completely random patterns can be designed and scored into the concrete and then dyed to produce amazing floors. There are virtually no limits to the design possibilities.

Concrete Polishing Services

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